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BUCKEYE - Attracts money and wealth, alleviates pain of arthritis and rheumatism on contact. Helpful in divination.

CATNIP - Ruled by Venus. Good for love and positive vibes.

CEDAR CHIPS - Healing, purification, protection, money spells. Exellent for psychic awareness. See also fire seering ritual.

CHAMOMILE - sleep tea. Luck spells, use green sach.

CINNAMON - incense (Burned in conjunction with a colored candle/intensifies desired effect) green, money / purple, magic and psychic powers / red, desire / white, spirituality

CLOVES - banishing evil, clearing your head, protection, love and money.

DRAGONŐs BLOOD (resin) - increase power for self or spells. Protection and exorcism.

EUCALYPTUS - healing, protection, use with green candles for respitory relief, use oil extract for healing baths.

FRANKENCENCE TEARS - drive out negativity and enhance positive vibrations. Induces visions and aids in meditation. White and Purple for spiritual growth. (also for protection)

HIGH JOHN - ***WARNING : SUBSTANCE POISONOUS*** Potent herb for success, psychic powers, protection. Annoint a root with peppermint oil and put in green cloth for success and prosperity. in yellow cloth to stop depression and pink to attract love. [warning: do not ingest]

IRISH MOSS - money, luck, protection. Store in house or carry for protection.

LAVANDER FLOWERS - useful in love spells. burn as incense for sleep. Keep around house as protection, also use for chastity, longevity, purification and happiness.

MUGWORT - mix with sandalwood for psychic powers. use for divination or scrying.. Put next to bed for astral projection. also for strength, protection, prolific dreams, and healing.

MYRRH - spirituality, healing, protection, exorcism, purification, and blessing of ritual or alter items.

PEPPERMINT - Psychic tea, good for stomach aches. Used to induce visions, aid in sleep and for purification.

ROSE BUDS/PEDALS - Burn rose candle first Friday after New Moon to attract love. also: psychic tea, healing, protection and luck.

ROSEMARY - substitute for most herbs : love, lust, protection, exorcism, purification, healing, longevity, youth, mental powers and sleep. Put under pillow for good sleep and wear around neck for good memory.

SAGE - protection, healing, wealth, fulfilled wishes, increase longevity. Put in yellow candle and burn on Wednesday during Waxing Moon for knowledge and wisdom.

SANDALWOOD - protection, spirituality, exorcism, healing, and wishes. Clear house of negativity. Wish on sandalwood chip and burn in candle.

VIOLET FLOWERS - good luck and fortune. also love, lust(with lavendar), protection, wishes, peace and healing.

YARROW - love spells, draw courage, exocise (purify), psychic tea, wear for protection, hold in hand to aswage fear. Love and friendship.

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